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Introduction of Plant Preservative Mixture


  1. PPM™ (Plant Preservative Mixture) is a heat stable preservative/biocide that, based on the dose, effectively prevents or reduces microbial contamination in plant tissue culture.
  2. At optimum doses, PPM™, does not impair in vitro seed germination, callus proliferation or callus regeneration.
  3. Despite the most stringent use of sterile techniques and aseotic conditions, the contamination of plant cell and plant tissue cultures remain a persistent problem.
  4. PPM™ prevents the germination of both bacteria and fungi spores. Because it's heat stable, it can be autoclaved with media.
  5. PPM™ can be used as a standard ingredient in plant tissue culture media. PPM is less expensive than antibiotics and can prevent fungal contamination simultaneously.
  6. PPM is both biostatic and biocidal. In addition to inhibiting airborne, waterborne and human contact contamination, it also can be used to reduce endogenous contamination.

The principal PCT scientist involved in the development of the PPM™ application is Dr. Assaf Guri. Dr. Assaf Guri holds degrees in genetics, applied genetics and plant breeding from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Michigan State University in the US. Before joining Plant Cell Technology, Inc., Assaf worked with the Volcani Agricultural Research Center in Israel, Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan and DNAP in New Jersey.


Plant Preservative Mixture (PPM)

 Mechanism Of Action:

PPM™ is a broad-spectrum preservative and biocide, which kills bacteria and fungi cells, prevents germination of spores, and in higher concentrations, can eliminate endogenous contamination in explants.

Previous research has shown that the active ingredients of PPM™ penetrate the fungus or the bacterium cell wall and inhibit the activity of key enzymes within the central metabolic cycles such as the citric acid cycle and the electron transport chain. Our data indicates that PPM™ may also inhibit the transport of monosaccharides and amino acids from the medium into the fungus or bacterium cells.

As in any biocide, a critical ratio of PPM™ molecules per microbial cell is needed to eliminate bacteria and fungi.


Advantages over antibiotics:

  1. PPM™ is broad-based and effective against fungi.
  2. PPM™ is less expensive than antibiotics, making it affordable for wide and routine use.
  3. Since PPM™ targets and inhibits multiple enzymes, the formation of resistant mutants towards PPM™ is unlikely.
  4. PPM™ is heat stable and in general can be autoclaved with media.